My dad.

My mum and dad divorced when i was about 7, my sister and I didn’t have a lot to do with him afterwards, he never seemed bothered, we never had birthday cards or christmas cards, we grew up not really knowing him and weren’t invited to his wedding, we were ok though.

Summer of 2009, dad got in touch with us, he had lung cancer, dr had told him he had 12 months max, I was gutted, all sorts of emotions running through my head, a couple of months back I was contemplating finding him but I never built up the courage. I went to see him anyway, he looked well, he certainly didn’t look ill, we swapped numbers, I never asked him any questions, I decided I didn’t want to know why he never bothered with us, I still don’t want to know, I want to concentrate on the now, not drag up the past. We aren’t close, ive only seen him twice, we chat on the phone occasionally and swap pleasantries over text, my emotions are all over the place, as you can probably guess with this post, it really is a ramble, getting it down is helping though.

I’m going to see him in hospital tomorrow and can’t help thinking that its going to be the last time, hes text me 4 times today to make sure im still going!


2 responses to “My dad.

  1. gosh – what happened?

  2. Hi Gemma, well it was a bit awkward as you can imagine, neither of us not really knowing what to say and then my wicked stepmother and step sister turned up and i made a hasty retreat.
    We carry on talking over the phone, which to be honest, is easier than face to face, if you get me.
    Had a text earlier, he’s lost all the feeling in his legs now and is due a scan tomorrow. 😦

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