Such a big step!

My little princess started school last week, she’s not 5 until August, its such a big step, well for me and her dad anyway.

All she talked about in the run up was “going to big class”, she was so excited, mum and dad less so.

Thankfully she is used to being away from us, she attended the playgroup, situated in the school grounds so she knows the school, teachers and because she has older siblings in school she knows most of the big children too. ( should add that the school only has between 40 and 50 pupils)

I think this is why she is so confident and she seems to have settled in so well, she gets up in the mornings, washes and gets dressed and even lets me brush her hair without the usual fights.

Apparently today she got told off for talking during assembly, I thought this might have put her off a bit, but no, her brothers are more upset about it than she is.

So, there is just me and the 2yr old at home now, he’s fine too, I was expecting him to be a bit difficult as his little playmate wasnt here to fight ahem I mean play with, but no, my children are growing up!


3 responses to “Such a big step!

  1. Found you via BMB New to Blogging.

    Your blog is a very nice place to be.

    I *LOVE* the fact her brothers were more upset about her getting told off than she was! Priceless!

  2. A big step; and her bropthers sound great, really supportive.

    They grow up so quickly don’t they? You’ve got me thinking about when my 10-month-olds will start school now! I can still remember when they were tiny helpless little babies; it seems like yesterday & yet a life-time ago.

  3. Found you through bmb. They grow so quickly bless them, good that she loves school so much despite being one of the youngest x

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