Dear so and so

Dear Master C,

Please don’t slag off your stepfather on your Facebook status, it’s not big and it’s not clever, plus, mummy always checks out your page on a regular basis.



Dear Cassie pup,

Please please can you stop peeing in the kitchen, I know you are still only a pup, you are only 6 months old, but come on, it’s getting a bit boring now, outside is for peeing, oh and also I would appreciate it if you could chew your toys rather than my furniture, door frames and anything else that doesn’t belong to you,


Your slave/owner/mistress

Dear Little Miss,

You are 4, there is no way on this earth mummy and daddy will let you have your ears pierced until you are at least in double digits. On a lighter note, you have done us both proud by settling into school so well, I hope you continue to flourish and enjoy it.

lots of love

mummy x

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3 responses to “Dear so and so

  1. Probably the main reason I don’t have a dog. Or a teenager, for that matter… 🙂

  2. Ditto on JallieDaddy’s comment above, however I fear that I will have both before too long (and be writing similar letters!). Good luck with them all.

  3. what a great post, i am wierdly looking forward to the teenager years. (i may be saying different in 6 years time!)
    i will never get a dog, i find looking after kids hard enough, and i know they wont look after themselves. 😉
    and my 3 year old, is obsessed with make-up and i hate it! im sure i will be having the same conversation with her next year about earrings, and i will have the same answer as you.

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