7 things about me!

Michelle over at Mummy from the heart and Gemma over at Hello it’s Gemma have tagged me to share 7 things you didn’t know about me.

Afterwards, i’m to tag 15 others to share theirs, sort of like a giant “chain letter”, so to speak, this has been hugely popular and i’m running out of folk to tag, so, i’m just going to tag 5 in the hope no one has beaten me to it.


Here goes.

1  I can’t drive. I have tried to learn on 2 different occasions, once when i was 17, only had a few lessons, didn’t like it and once about 9 years ago now, i bottled it on my test after nearly running an old lady over. There is a lot of pressure on me at the moment from my darling OH to try again, i may or may not!

2 I am a big scaredy cat, I’m scared of spiders, snakes, water and heights, i did however stroke a tarantula once at a kids party, ran out of the room screaming when he fetched the snake out!

3 I have 5 boys and only 1 little girl, i wanted a girl from the beginning but had to wait untill baby no5 to get my wish!

4 I am the eldest of 4, i have 2 sisters and a brother

5 I am trying to give up smoking, today has been my first day, i’ve only smoked 7 instead of my usual 20

6 I have a huge collection of Dean Koontz books taking pride of place on my bookshelf, absolutely love him.

7 I have a huge collection of horror DVD’s but can’t watch them because since having my babies, ive turned into above mentioned scaredy cat.

So, there you go, i bet you are so glad you looked, haha.

Over to you lovely lot now

@mum_the madhouse






6 responses to “7 things about me!

  1. great list, thanks for taking part and well done with the smoking. How’s it going? Driving is over rated!

  2. I love Dean Koonz too, his books can be pretty scary at times! Have you read any Jonathan Kellerman? – he is fab also.

    Thanks for playing along, Mich x

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  4. Hi, I thought I’d pop back over and have a read of your blog. How is the giving up smoking thing going? I have a top tip for you (if you liked my Smartie incentive scheme you’ll love this). I used to smoke but then when I decided I wanted to have kids I chucked it. I struck a deal with my boyfriend that I would ‘save’ the money that I would have spent on cigarettes and at the end of every month I could spend it on whatever I wanted, no questions asked, no moaning if I came home with ‘another’ handbag. It got me through the difficult moments (and shut him up as well! Bonus!)

    • Hi there, i’m afraid it’s not going well at all, i have absolutely no will power whatsoever, i tried saving the money but it just went on bills:(
      I am definitely going to try again though but may go to my GP for a bit of help.
      Thanks for asking hun x

  5. Don’t beat yourself up too much about the smoking. I hope your GP can be a help to you. I too have no will power and it took me years to get down to 5 a day. Good luck with it though hun x

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