My dad…an update!

Went to visit my dad in hospital last night, he’s now paralysed from the waist down, scans have confirmed that its secondary bone cancer, he’s doing okay though, he is in the community hospital and has a room to himself with a tv.
I was a bit nervous about going to be honest, it still feels really strange having my dad in my life after so long, he’s asking to see his grandchildren but I’m not sure about this, they have a granddad, my stepdad, and I don’t want them to get confused, especially the younger 2, I’ve never spoke about my real dad and they have never needed to know. Maybe when they are older I will tell them about him then.
It is a 2 hour drive for me to get to the hospital and the visiting times are strict but I’ve got permission to go whenever I can because of the distance which is good, takes a bit of the stress away.
I still don’t want to know any of the reasons why he wasn’t there when I was growing up, I’m just concentrating on now and making the most of it while we can!
I’m so glad he got in touch!

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3 responses to “My dad…an update!

  1. I would be very reticent about introducing him to my children, mainly as It would be for a very limited time and they would experiance the loss of him when he dies. Whatever decision you make I hope it is the right one for you and yours

  2. I know exactly where you’re coming from on this front. My father died recently and we hadn’t been in touch so my emotions are taking a real battering. I hope you work through this x

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