Dear so and so

Dear So and So...

Dear Tooth,

Please stop hurting me, i really don’t want to go to the dentist on Monday, i’m pooing myself, i would much rather give birth than go to the dentist.



Dear Weather,

Please could you not be quite so cold, I am really nesh you know, plus the price of coal is atrocious at the moment.


Rather frozen me

Dear Master2,

Could you please wake up now baby, it’s 3pm and you know your bedtime is at 7, mummy loves her evenings to herself and at this rate you are still going to be up.

Lots of love



4 responses to “Dear so and so

  1. I used to hate the dentist but I’m okay with it now – saying that I’ve got a big appointment with mine on the 7th Feb so ask me again then 😉
    Hope it goes alright and your tooth is better.

  2. I just took a 3 hour and am probably going to have a huge sleep problem of my own tonight!

  3. I feel your pain – literally – sore tooth all day. Did smile when I saw the previous email was about sugar fudge though 🙂 Is there a link?

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