My first review…..Relaxkids meditation CD

I was sent a Relax kids meditation CD to review

Enchanting meditations for children of all ages.

16 relaxing tracks.

Bedtime for my 10yr old and 7yr old was always a battle, they would always come downstairs every 10 mins, wanting one thing or another, they would still be awake gone half past 10 at night and then be really sleepy and naggy the next day.
After just one week listening to the CD, we dont have any of this, they get ready for bed and put the cd on, it has become part of their bedtime routine and they are often fast asleep before the cd has finished and they are well rested in the morning. 🙂
10yo said “it’s quite good and relaxing” and his favourite track is The rainbow
7yo said “it helps me to fall asleep better” and his favourite track is The cloud.
I also tried the cd out on my 4yo daughter but she wasnt interested, maybe too young?

I was sent the CD free to review .


3 responses to “My first review…..Relaxkids meditation CD

  1. I have been using those CDs with my daughter since she was three and I think they are amazing. She used to have real trouble settling at night, lots of crying and whinging, being very clingy, but I found as soon as I bought the CDs and started using them she went to sleep in no time, and always with a smile on her face which I thought was beautiful. So I am a huge fan of Relax Kids

  2. Wow these sound good I may have to invest in some of these for Baba x

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