My trip to the dentist :(

I have a horrible fear of the dentist, I dont know why, I havent always had it, I went every 6 months religiously when I was little and I make sure my children all go regularly, my fear started a few years back, nothing out of the ordinary happened, I just can not explain it. On trips to the dentist I would come up with some sort of illness that came on in the car so I wouldn’t have to go in. Last week I started with the dreaded toothache, I knew deep down I needed to be seen, the pain was awful, pain killers just weren’t touching it. I finally gave in and OH made me an appointment, I couldn’t cope with the pain anymore, give me labour pains any day over toothache, in my book there is nothing worse.

The day of the appointment dawned and the blasted toothache had gone. I was umming and ahhing whether or not to cancel my appointment, I thought back to the pain and I was very brave and decided to keep it.

Our dentist is an hours drive away and so I got my self all worked up, I had the shakes and i felt sick but I managed to be seen. The dentist was a lady and she made me feel at ease straightaway, then she rollocked me!

Apparently, my fear of the dentist has had an adverse affect on my teeth and they are in a terrible state, I need around 6 fillings and maybe a couple of extractions, now I really do hate the dentist even more, I am bricking myself at the thought of going back in 2 weeks to start my treatment, I am also utterly pee’d off with myself for letting my teeth get into such a mess in the first place, if only I kept up with appointments!

OH has strict instructions to drag me in kicking and screaming if need be and I know he will.

So, the moral of the story is, keep up with your dentist appointments and don’t let the fear of dentists put you off.

(picture above was drawn by Master10.)


3 responses to “My trip to the dentist :(

  1. Well done for being brave, my teeth are terrible after 3 pregnancies. When I have to have filling / root canal etc to take my attention away from what the dentist is doing in my mouth I pinch my hand. Sounds weird but it takes my fear away. Good luck with the next appointment.

  2. seasiderinthecity

    Totally agree. I didn’t go for years & got a proper talking to! Now got a lovely dentist. I get myself all worked up and panicky, and afterwards feel dumb!
    Well done for going x

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