The things little people come out with!

We went out for lunch today to an American diner, it was gorgeous, i ordered a Yankee Doodle Dandy breakfast consisting of  two fried eggs, rashers of streaky bacon, two hashbrowns and a side of pancakes, yum.

Master2 was good as gold waiting for his milkshake to arrive along with his sausage and beans, he had a colouring sheet and some crayons to occupy him.

By the time our food arrived the diner had become quite packed. Master2 took one look at my plate, with the 2 fried eggs, pointed and shouted “boobies” at the top of his voice, OH spat his peanut butter milkshake across the table and i went a very nice shade of red. Needless to say the whole diner heard and were all looking and laughing much to Master2’s delight, he then told me to “eat your boobies”!  The things these little people come out with, and why do they do it in public i will never know.


One response to “The things little people come out with!

  1. Fantastic, that did make me chuckle :O) LOL! :O)

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