Reasons to be cheerful 1, 2, 3 Week5

My reasons to be cheerful this week. 🙂

1 This week i have done alot of baking, i’ve made fudge, cupcakes, sausage pie and spinach parcels, i love baking and Master7 paid me the best compliment tonight, my baking was better than Grandma’s 🙂

2 Master2 is talking loads at the moment, coming out with new words all the time, always makes me smile when i hear him jabbering away to his brothers and sister.

3 I have managed to fit a little bit of me time in this week and i’ve actually read a whole book, The time travellers wife, i really enjoyed it.

What are your reasons to be cheerful this week?

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14 responses to “Reasons to be cheerful 1, 2, 3 Week5

  1. Can I come live at your house? Please!! I should really bake more, I enjoy it but I’m so nervy about doing it wrong I never try anything new :S

  2. Well done for getting through a whole book in a week! I’m reading Stephen Fry’s ”The Stars Tennis Balls’ at the moment and although it is supremely funny, I just can’t stay awake to read more than half a page at night! We had a baking related reason to be cheerful this week too 🙂

  3. A lot of people have said The Time Travellers Wife is a good read, might have to have a go at reading it. I still need to have a go at that fudge recipe you posted too, sounded lovely :O)

  4. I want to come and live with you!!! Spinach parcels? Oh my! Sounds like you have had a lovely week and I am amazed you could fit all that in and find the time to read a whole book, The Time Travellers Wife is fantastic isn’t it? Have you seen the film too? I read the book first but then couldn’t get into the movie and gave up after 20 mins.

    • I actually started watching the film before i read the book but couldnt get into it, i quite often find books better than the films though.
      Spinach parcels were absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Fudge and cupcakes 😀 My kids would love you xx

  6. I love the Time travellers Wife. I enjoyed the film too too but not as much as the book.

  7. I need to do more baking…that list sounds divine!

  8. I keep meaning to read that book, I think it’s a summer beach book for me!

  9. I love The Time Traveler’s Wife, a great book! I can’t wait to read a book again. I really struggle to find the time. Would love to make fudge too! No wonder you are cheerful!

  10. Me time is so important isn’t it? I made some space to have some here today as well and suddenly the world seems like a much nicer place! Have a lovely weekend x

  11. It is so nice when your children tell you they like your cooking I love it when Caitlyn says yummy mummy

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