Time on your hands….an e-book by Redtedart.

“14 Fab ideas to keep you and your little ones busy throughout the whole year”

As someone who hasn’t got a creative bone in her body I was thrilled to receive this e-book from Redtedart. It has 14 different crafts using empty loo roll tubes, each craft has a step by step guide and there is a list of things you will need.

Master2 and I attempted the chinese lantern, we didn’t have any red or gold paint but we improvised using felt pen. I printed off the page to make things even easier and by following all the steps, we had a finished product which I can be proud of.

I’m in the process of collecting empty loo roll tubes now so that we can work our way through the book.

Pop over to Redtedart.com and get yourself an e-book, brilliant value at just £1.99

(I received the e-book free of charge)


4 responses to “Time on your hands….an e-book by Redtedart.

  1. Aaaah thank you so much for the review! Your lantern turned out lovely! Great improvisation. Someone emailed me a pic, where they had made 10 different coloured ones and hung them up as a party decor for carnival….


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