Busy busy…Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday


21 responses to “Busy busy…Silent Sunday

  1. I love seeing children wrapped up in activities like this, just concentrating in their own little space. fab

  2. So nice when they become engrossed in simple pleasures

  3. I love watching my little one bus himself with colouring. Nice to see some creativity on a Sunday

  4. An artist in the making 🙂

  5. Very busy indeed – how lovely! It’s great seeing kids doing rather than just watching TV. Great pic.

  6. Looks like you might get a minutes peace and quiet there.

  7. Mine spend hours doing that too. 🙂

  8. I just love watching them “work” 😉


  9. It is lovely when they start loving drawing, keeps them occupied and I love the glimpse into their world!

  10. Aww she’s really engrossed isn’t she? The looks of concentration on kids faces is so sweet, they really give it their all don’t they?!

  11. it’s so lovely when they get lost in their imaginations 🙂

  12. Aww. Colouring – you can’t beat it!

  13. Ah, that’s really sweet. I can’t wait until T can draw people! x

  14. Mum of 6. Wowsers, and I find one hard… ooops.

    Thanks for stopping by and lovely to meet you.

    I will linger and have a read 🙂

  15. I love to see my girls playing with colours and paper. So creative
    Lovely photo

  16. Aww she is so busy. It’s so cute. x

  17. Hey 🙂 Thanks for the comment on my pic 🙂 If you really do want some, those two are actually for sale! They’re £6 each inc p&p. I make them myself 🙂


  18. She does look quite silent!! 🙂

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