Reasons to be cheerful 1, 2, 3. Week 7

After a couple of weeks on a blog break what better way to come back than writing my 3 reasons to be cheerful. I have had quite a busy few weeks.

1: I have a little job, 2 hrs a week cleaning at an elderly ladies house, gets me out of the house and earns me a little bit of pocket-money, at the moment, i have to work it around OH’s hours but once Master2 is full-time playgroup it should be easier.

2: I painted the downstairs loo all by myself, usually OH has to help but this time he left me to it and I’m really pleased by how it has turned out, upstairs bathroom is next on the list.

3: OH had a week off last week and we didn’t fall out, lol, we had a really nice week actually, didn’t really do much but just being at home was brilliant.

What are your reasons to be cheerful this week? Pop over to Mummy from the heart and link up!


2 responses to “Reasons to be cheerful 1, 2, 3. Week 7

  1. Ohh, well doen on the decorating. I find it so boring but sadly the upstairs is all in need!

    Mich x

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