Fill in the blanks….

I’ve been tagged by Alyson in a meme to fill in the blanks, so here goes:

I am:  I am a mummy, a partner, a daughter, a sister, a friend and most of all i am me, shy, honest, lacking in self confidence, i am stressed most of the time, happy most of the time but i am still me!

The bravest thing i have ever done: I don’t consider myself brave at all, but i suppose upping sticks at the age of 30 and moving 50 miles out of my comfort zone and away from all my family and friends was brave. Going to the dentist after 18 months of putting it off was brave, giving birth 6 times over, stroking a tarantula even though i am scared stiff of spiders was brave.

I feel prettiest when: I am all dolled up ready to go out, doesnt happen often enough to be honest.

Something that keeps me up at night: I am a terrible worrier and any little thing can play on my mind and keep me awake.

My favourite meal is: Sweet and sour chicken and egg fried rice. Absolutely love it, i have it every time we have a take away.

The way to my heart is: Romance, good old fashioned romance, flowers, little presents. Make me laugh, be honest!

I would like to be: More confident. I would like to be able to drive. I would like to be more assertive, I would like to be a lot of things.

Now over to a few of my favourite mummy bloggers to fill in the blanks




One response to “Fill in the blanks….

  1. I’d say giving birth 6 times over is EXTREMELY brave 🙂

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