Toddler group misery.

I had a terrible time at Toddler group this morning, in half term, the older siblings are invited along and all the mums take a plate of food in and we all have lunch together, it was very hectic, at least 25 children there. Now, I don’t know if Master2 got over excited or what but he punched one little one full on in the face and knocked her over, I was gutted, I ran over and tried to make him apologise, he refused so I sat him away from everyone and explained what he did was wrong, after a few minutes I let him down warning him not to do it again. I followed him around at a distance afterwards but he was very aggressive, he kept taking toys off other children and at one point he threw a toy, hitting another child, again he refused to apologise, this time I strapped him in his pushchair for a few minutes.

I am at the end of my tether with him, I came home from toddler group and cried, he’s the youngest of 6 so he should know all about sharing and playing nicely, but on the other hand, he also knows all about boisterous play and he gets egged on by his 4 older brothers which certainly does not help matters.

Hopefully, he will calm down when he starts playgroup in April, maybe he needs another adult to tell him off, I don’t know. I don’t want my child to be the one that no one likes, the other mums at toddler group are very kind and just say, oh, he’s a boy and laugh, but we never get invited to play dates. Maybe im making too big a deal out of it? Maybe I havent got the patience with him like I had with the others? I don’t know.

 He has always been a handful ever since he could walk and he certainly keeps me on my toes, I am constantly battling with him over one thing or another. On the other hand he can be so so sweet, especially when he comes over and says ” uppy me” for me to pick him up, he can be full of love and cuddles and always says please and thank you, maybe he is just a mischevious little monkey.

I know I feel better for writing this post anyway and tomorrow is another day!

Thanks for reading.


7 responses to “Toddler group misery.

  1. Aw I know how you feel, my son is usually gentle, sweet, loving etc. but when I picked him up from nursery the other day I had to sign a form because he’d bitten another child. I felt awful but he hasn’t done it since. Anyone who is a reponsible parent knows that it’s not possible to prevent children doing things like that 100% of the time and I bet there’s not many people who have had as much experience of being a parent as you! For what it’s worth, you’re welcome at mine for a playdate if you’re ever down south!

    • Thank you for your comment, Master2 has bitten is sister and brothers but not another child…yet.
      I know they do it out of frustration most of the time, but it does get you down. x

  2. I so sympathise with you. My 2nd child, a boy, sounds just like your son. At times he is the most polite, helpful and wonderful child. Those other times I feel like I could abandon him on someone’s doorstep. He is such hard work and it’s awful being out in public when he’s having a tantrum. I would have expected other Mums to be sympathetic, but no clearly their child is an angel who never plays up in public.

    We did find that preschool calmed him down a little and he’s starting school in September and I hope that it settles him down even more.

    Lots of hugs xx

  3. My daughter has done the same thing many times – it’s got to the point now where we’re avoiding most social situations as I find it so upsetting and exhausting trying to intervene and prevent her from hurting any other toddlers. Hard to tell what triggers it. Like you I’ve come home and had a cry on many occassions. Makes me feel like I’m getting something really wrong and not parenting well – but i also know that she’s a very strong, independent, clever and funny girl. She’s just VERY fiesty at the moment. My mantra as always… it will pass (soon I hope!)

  4. I know how you feel my middle son has been through this stage and my youngest who is 17 months is starting to push / bite / hit other toddlers as he’s learnt to be quite tough with 2 older brothers. Try not to worry about what other parents think or behave towards you I’m sure their little angels will grow ‘horns’ soon.

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