The noise of the night

Have you ever just lay in bed in the dead of night unable to sleep and just listened?

Last night or early hours of this morning, I could not sleep, I just lay there and listened to the sounds of the house, it was flipping noisy to be honest.

There was OH next to me snoring like the proverbial pig, there was Master2 coughing and LittleMiss’ bed was squeaking as she rolled over, then I could hear the radiators kicking in, banging and spluttering, the dogs must have knocked over their water bowl, that made me jump.

I always have my window open a bit at night and I could hear a fox barking or whatever it is they do and an owl hooting.

So, so much for a peaceful night, I woke up with a banging headache, no wonder with all that noise!


2 responses to “The noise of the night

  1. I suffer from insomnia and love the sounds of the night

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