At the end of my tether.

So, we have been referred by the school to Barnardos for some family support. Master7 has become out of control and i am really struggling to cope with him. At school he is an angel, He is struggling with his work and is below average with his reading and writing, the head wanted him to be statemented but he was assessed and was found not to need it, he has been making steady progress and we are all really pleased.

At home it is a different story, we don’t know what to do with him, if anyone asks him to do anything, something simple like tidying up after himself or taking something out to the bin, he will fly into a rage, screaming and having an almighty tantrum. If we punish him by grounding or taking something away from him, he threatens to run away and says he hates us all, he is becoming increasingly violent towards his siblings and I just can’t have that, there seems to be a lot of jealousy towards his 2 younger siblings and says we always buy them things and leave him out.

I can’t for the life of me figure out where all the hatred is coming from, his dad left when he was 1 and he was 2 when I met OH.

So, we are on the waiting list, I know there won’t be an answer over night but at least I can look forward to having that extra support.


7 responses to “At the end of my tether.

  1. Mini is often full of anger and it can be terrible dealing with it. I do hope you get some positive help that works

  2. Oh hon I only have one so don’t have any advice except what you’ve already had and you are seeking advice. Im sure talking to him, reward charts, special mummy time etc has been done already. I am thinking of you x

    • Thank you, yes we have done all the charts and special mummy time and although it works in the short term, as soon as we say or do something he doesn’t like we are straight back to square 1. x

  3. I’m really sorry you are all going through this. I haven’t got any advice I just wanted you to know that I read it. I hope that Barnados can offer some support and help. Have you asked your GP for some family support counselling sessions? They may help get to the bottom of it? X

  4. Hi, thanks for taking the time to read and comment.
    We havent actually been to see the GP yet because the school has been so supportive, maybe Barnados will suggest it, i don’t know. We seem to be taking one step at a time at the moment. x

  5. Cake and Tea Blog

    Oh, you poor thing, I can’t imagine how hard that must be. I don’t have any advice either, it sounds like you’re doing exactly the right thing in following through with Barnardo’s and I hope it helps. Just wanted to show some support xxx

  6. I really hope you get the extra support you need and get things sorted out. Big hugs to you x x

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