Swimming gala misery

Master11 has been chosen to represent the school in a swimming gala tomorrow along with a few others, i thought he would be really pleased and excited about it, he is a great swimmer.

However he has just broken my heart, bless him, he doesn’t want to take part because he says he is fat. He thinks that he will get picked on as soon as his peers see him in trunks.

This is so sad, I am devastated that he feels this way about his body, I certainly do not class him as fat, he is quite stocky but he is well proportioned, We haven’t weighed him as i don’t believe in weighing children at this age. You hear all the time about children having eating disorders and being obsessed about their weight, even at this young age, sometimes even younger. It is very common in girls, this morning at toddler group a few of the mums were talking about their daughters and their worries about their weight. Master11 is my 3rd boy and up untill now I had never even thought about one of my children having a problem with their weight.

Anyway, we have had a long chat tonight and he has agreed to give the gala a go, we are going to devise an exercise plan too and maybe try a bit of portion control, he adores his food and we have joked in the past of him being a human dustbin.

Feel so sad for him though, poor boy, i had no idea he had issues with his weight.

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7 responses to “Swimming gala misery

  1. I don’t know what to say! This is so distressing that young children can feel so self concious about how they look! I don’t think you could have handled it any better. Let us know how the gala went! x

  2. Children nowadays a made to feel so self conscious about their bodies from such a young age, it just isnt right. I hope your son did well in his swimming gala and will learn to feel comfortable in is body x

  3. Oh that’s such as shame.
    My dd got disheartened by galas as she soon realised that her team was never going to beat the kids that trained every day.

  4. Oh no, the poor little lad. It is terrible the pressure that is put on children nowadays, not from their parents or even from their peers, but from the media. I really hope that he feels more secure with himself soon.

    Thank you for linking up to ShowOff ShowCase.

  5. Poor boy, I hope he did well in his gala and enjoyed himself. I can understand how he feels from an opposite perspective, I was extremely skinny at school and so hated doing sports because I was teased for being skin and bone. I ate very well but just had a very fast metabolism (wish I had it now!).

    I hope that he feels better about himself soon xx

  6. Poor boy! Hope the gala went well. I used to love swimming as a child but was often teased for being hairy. Kids can be so cruel! x

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