Arghhh those damn spiders!

I have had enough of bleeding head lice, we have been plagued for weeks now and no matter what i do, i just can’t get rid of them. It doesn’t matter what i use and how much time is spent de licing my kids, those damn spiders (LittleMiss calls them spiders) keep coming back.

Horrible, horrible little creatures they are and they breed like rabbits, so to speak.

Poor Master2 seems to have a reaction to them, his little scalp is sore from scratching so i don’t like to use the sprays on him for fear of making it worse.

The one thing i do love though in my battle to get rid is the Nitty Gritty comb made by mums for mums, i use this comb every other night on all the kid’s hair and it does get the eggs and lice out.

The trouble i have is keeping the lice away, my kids can all be clear and bedding has all been boiled to an inch of its life, and a couple of days back at school, they are invested again.

In my ideal world, children would not be allowed to school until lice free, bring back the nit nurse!

(Apologies if you are now sat scratching at your head)


3 responses to “Arghhh those damn spiders!

  1. I don’t remember ever getting nits as a kid but I’m sure I did – my step sister did and she had really thick, very curly hair so they were a nightmare to get rid of. My brother and I have very fine straight hair so I suspect I don’t remember having them because they were simpler to get out!

  2. We all had nits a couple of years ago. Like, the whole family…I remember scratching my head and some lice fell…Since then, nothing (or I didn’t see it). Nothing seems to be working except a good comb…

  3. I have been lucky and managed to avoid nits but it is funny I was having a conversation about nits with my sister in law this morning! Her 7 year daughter was infested! She said it has taken two weeks to get rid and they are now treating weekly to keep at baby. They used a conditioner and nit comb! Pesky little ‘spiders’ x

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