Follow Friday

We got followed home from the school run this afternoon by a very friendly collie dog with a big stick in his mouth :). He was at the church terrorising the caretaker who was trying to mow the grass, he stopped me to ask if i knew who he belonged to ( the caretaker asked who the dog belonged to not the dog asking, oh, you know what i mean.) Anyway’s I said I didn’t and carried on walking, 2 minutes on LittleMiss starts laughing, said dog is following us with his stick, he jumps in front and drops the stick by my feet, Master7 was all for throwing it for him but I ignored and carried on walking in the hope he would run off home (the dog not Master7)

The dog followed us all the way home, he did stop in the river at one point for a drink but soon caught up with us and when i shut our front gate, the little blighter jumped it, straight into our garden and started playing with the kid’s football, kids found this hilarious and i was met with “can we keep him?”, we already have 3 dogs and he looked like he belonged to someone and he was definitely used to children.

After about an hour of him being in our garden and my dogs locked indoors going mental i rang the dog warden, he had no collar and i certainly wasn’t going to traipse 4 kids around the village to find his owner, dog warden said he would send someone out to pick him up.

LittleMiss named him Max and when asked why she said it was because she didn’t know his real name duh ( silly me!)

We were advised to keep the dog safe, so i tied him up (safely) and fed and watered him and low and behold his owner turned up, apparently the postman must have left the gate open and Polo had escaped and had been “lost” most of the day, the owner was ever so grateful. I’m so glad there was a happy ending here as you hear of so many dogs being abandoned and put to sleep, this dog was a lovely dog and it would have been such a shame to see him go to a rescue home, I wished he had a collar and a tag though, he only lived the other side of the village!


4 responses to “Follow Friday

  1. Glad the dog was reunited with his owner. We had a dog when I was a kid, and he would get out of the garden periodically – thankfully we always got him back 🙂

  2. What a lovely story! You are doggy rescuers! He obviously sensed you loved dogs to follow you. How you manage six kids and 3 dogs I will never know? Always love a happy ending, but I agree that dog should have a collar!

  3. I’m so glad there was a happy ending! He sounds like a fun dog and one that would be sadly missed!

  4. What a lovely, uplifting story! Thanks for sharing it!

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