Wrigley’s 5 Flood

The boys were over the moon when I showed them what I had received through the post this morning, they really enjoy chewing gum so were very eager to try out the new Wrigley’s 5.

The flavour is called Flood and is  “A mouth-watering berry”, it’s also sugar-free.

So the verdict:

OH wasn’t impressed (surprise surprise, lol) He said it tasted of aniseed not berry’s and he would rather stick to the “proper flavours” meaning mint.

Master11 loved it, he could taste cherries

Master7 also loved it and he could taste lemonade!?!

I really like this gum, makes a pleasent change to the boring mint and i found the flavour lasted ages, it also smells really tempting in the packet, very mouth-watering. The only downside to this gum is the price, the RRP is £1.02 for 12 sticks.

 Disclaimer, I was sent this gum free to review.


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