Silent Sunday

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29 responses to “Silent Sunday

  1. Wow that’s just amazing….I’ve got some static hair shots of my youngest but none as extreme as this – and loving that little slightly concerned look 🙂

  2. pamperedmummy

    My daughter’s hair always goes like this on out trampoline! Fab picture

  3. seasiderinthecity

    That is fab – I love the look on her face!

  4. Haha I love the look on her face.

  5. Lol, how much static great photo

  6. hahaha, that’s a classic!

  7. Ahhh.., I see. Electrocute them and they behave. Duh! Great Parenting 101 shot.

  8. Oh my gosh it looks like a fibre optic Xmas tree. How’d she do that!>!>!>!>?????
    Liska x

  9. As a science teacher I love to see a bit of static at play! Fab picture! x

  10. Wow – I never knew this happened on trampolines! Fantastic capture, and great expression on her face too!

  11. Haha, that’s BRILLIANT! Would have been perfect for Taras ‘Hair’ Gallery this week too 🙂

  12. Brilliant shot!! Static is such fun!

  13. Good hair, who needs straighteners?

  14. Lol! That’s great! Wild hair!

  15. Hahaha, now that is awesome!

  16. ha ha! Thats excellent.

  17. wow, that’s truly amazing, well done catching it
    emma (

  18. Yowzer! Now that’s some charge built up there!


  19. Love the statc hairdo!

  20. Excellent static!

  21. Love it! hehe My hair would go super frizz too! 🙂

  22. Did sparks fly when she eventually earthed?!

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