Days out

We have had a lovely few days out this week, OH has only had 2 days off so we decided to make the most of them.

On Sunday we visited a family farm, where we bottle fed baby lambs, milked a cow, held baby chicks and went on a tractor ride around the farm, looking at the cows, pigs and a lovely wood filled with blue bells.

Unfortunately, I had forgotten my camera so these are just a few i took on my crappy phone.

Monday came round gorgeous and sunny so we decided on a trip to the seaside, off we went to Tywyn and Aberdovey, where we made a fairy sandcastle.

I must admit, I thoroughly enjoyed collecting the shells with LittleMiss while Master2 helped daddy do the digging and placing of the stones.


2 responses to “Days out

  1. We’ve been at the beach every day this week (until today!) and Roman has loved it too – sandcastles and hole digging on the beach are SO satisfying! Lovely pics of a lovely family 🙂

  2. It looks like you have had a lovely few days. That farm looks amazing, my little boy would love that with all the baby animals.

    Thank you for all your support with the potty training…you have been fab! x

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