So, what’s in your fridge?

I have been tagged by Multiple Mummy in a very strange Meme to show the contents of my fridge.

So after furiously scrubbing and re organising it, here it is.

Bearing in mind, I haven’t done a big shop yet this week, It’s not looking too bad.

I don’t want to bore you with a list of contents, but you will find the usual jam, lemon curd, mustard, mint sauce and mayo, also there is some homemade apple chutney and tomato puree. Milk, eggs, fromage frais, cheese, 2 bottles of stella, which have been there since christmas (we are not big drinkers).

None food items include a tube of Daktacort cream for Master7’s excema flare ups and 5 bags of homemade playdough.

Veggie drawers are looking good, filled with salad stuff, lettuce, cucumber, spring onions, toms and peppers.

I’m not going to tag anyone in this meme i’m sorry, I think the majority have already done it, If you havent please feel free to carry it on.


One response to “So, what’s in your fridge?

  1. I’ve really enjoyed reading everyone’s responses to this meme, but then I’m incredibly nosey! It does feel a little like sneaking a peek in someone’s bathroom cabinet though 🙂

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