Hello, it’s me, I have been away for a while, having a little break.

Truth be told, we have had a terrible month or so, OH was made redundant with no warning, this has put a terrible strain on things and we had contemplated splitting up, we are ok though and struggling through.

I have given up smoking, today is day 16 smoke free and i feel great, it is hard though, I have been a 20 a day smoker for 20 years, my dad passing away from lung cancer gave me the kick up the backside i desperately needed, I couldnt bear the thought of not being there for my gorgeous kids.                                               I am seeing the nurse at the drs every week for help and I am on patches and lozenges, not sure I could do it on will power alone.

So,  after my little blogging break I am back, I have a review to do shortly.

Hope my lovely followers are all well, Thanks for reading x


One response to “Back!

  1. Oh sweetie it sounds like you’ve been going through an awful time of it! Any one of those things alone would be hard enough but that is an awful lot to handle. Big hugs xx

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