A bit of a moany one!

I havent written a post on this blog since August last year, I havent felt the need to be honest.

As my About me page states though, this blog is my hidey hole, my place to escape, I need to escape right now!

I thought I was doing the right thing when I left my ex, my kids were un happy, I was unhappy, something needed to give.

8 months on and what has changed?

I thought I was stronger but I feel so weak and I feel like I have let my kids down , I’ve always tried to do the best I can for them but somehow I feel like I am failing them, The boys are getting into trouble at school and out of school, don’t know if this is just an age thing or if its my fault in some way.

Arghhh, stop moaning woman! Lol

Just needed to get some thoughts down, I don’t mean to depress, It’s not all doom and gloom, I have things to be grateful for, I will always be grateful for my children and wouldn’t be without them, wish it wasnt so damn hard, this parenting lark!

Promise the next post will be a happy one xx


2 responses to “A bit of a moany one!

  1. It doesn’t have to be a happy post next time you know! I think us parents understand that sometimes life is really, really hard, and this is a great place to seek advice and feel like you’re listened to. I wondered where you’d got to! It sounds like life is getting you down a little, I hope you can find a friend to share a cup of tea with and feel less alone with your worries. Take care of yourself, you can only do your best, @Chaoskay

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