Xia Xia – Interactive Hermit Crabs

There is a new collectible doing the rounds, it’s called XiaXia and it is an interactive hermit crab, there are 4 different ones available and we were sent a gorgeous pink one named Turks.These adorable little crabs have interchangeable shells and hiding inside is a cute little friend. Lightly press the pincers and your crab will scuttle about, if she bumps into something she will change direction.

Along with the crabs there is a little play set you can collect, we were sent the Confetti cottage. The cottage doubles up as a handy storage case where you can transport your Xia Xia safely.These gorgeous little characters retail at £9.99 and are available from http://www.character-online.com.

LittleMiss is 5 and she absolutely adores her Xia Xia, she even carried it inside the cottage up to her Aunts house. In my honest opinion, I think they are a little bit pricey but they have excellent play value, especially if you have more than one.


One response to “Xia Xia – Interactive Hermit Crabs

  1. They do look cute, your daughter looks like she’s very pleased with hers :O) It is amazing how much a couple of bits of plastic can cost though isn’t it! Mind you, if they get a lot of play out of something, it can be worth it. :O)

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