ZhuZhu Ponies, a review

We have all heard of ZhuZhu pets right? First there were hamsters, then cute little dogs and cats, now there are ZhuZhu ponies! Every little girls dream is to own a pony, now they can own their very own ZhuZhu pony.
ZhuZhu ponies are adorable, they have long colourful manes and tails and come with their own accessories.
Also available from Character is the Pony Gable Stable Playset, which can interconnect to make a colourful stable row. There are 6 ponies to collect and are aimed at little girls aged 4-8, the ponies are priced at around £14.99.
My daughter absolutely loved her pony and the stable Playset, well worth the money in my opinion and batteries are included, which is a bonus.




3 responses to “ZhuZhu Ponies, a review

  1. My daughter would love these!

  2. Big Bird loves setting up the stable and making sure her pony is safe,she also enjoys grooming her pony and plaiting her pink sparkly mane. Its something she has really enjoyed playing with especially with her friends. We definitely think its the best ZhuZhu pet that has been made.

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