Wild Science Laboratory’s Review

The lovely Sherri from PR Evolution sent us two Wild Science sets from Interplay to review

First up, we had The Weird slime laboratory, priced at £12.99, it’s aimed at boys aged 10+.

Toby absolutely loved this set, we made “fish eggs”, “jelly snakes” and his favourite, Fart putty.

I was very impressed with this set, there were goggles and gloves included and a little booklet full of “recipes” and instructions.

All in all, this is a very good set, it’s educational and fun and very reasonably priced.Image

Next up we had the Perfume laboratory, also priced at £12.99, this is aimed at littles girls from the age of 8.

This kit includes everything you need to make some really lovely perfumes, mint, jasmine, eucalyptus and rose.

There were enough scent cards to enable you to mix and match and all the ingredients to make some pot pourri, we made jasmine scented pot pourri and the smell lasted ages.

Again, a very good set, easy to use with good clear instructions.Image


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