About me!

This blog is mainly used for reviewing products, all views are those of my own and my children!

I have 6 children, yes 6, Master17, Master15, Master12, Master8, Littlemiss6 and Master4.

I am a single mum and have recently moved back home after living 50 miles away from my family and support network for 5 years!

I am always willing to review products suitable to the ages of my children and our lifestyle.

Contact me  either on Twitter @6kidsandMe or email me at cherrymumof6@gmail.com


3 responses to “About me!

  1. Hi Cherry, I saw the photo of the Mike the knight playset that you did post and I found it beautiful! The birthday of my child is in december and I was wondering where can I get this set including the horse. I think this will be wonderful to ornament the table with the cake!
    do you think you can help me with this task. My little boy(3 years and 8 months) choose Mike the Knight for his party and I am looking everywhere for ideas, but here in Holland they don’t have many things about this cartoon. Please help… I want to make a great party for him this year.
    Hope to hear from you soon.


  2. How are you? I was thinking the other day that I’d not seen you around much. Hope all’s well. xx Kay :O)

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