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Micro chargers review

Taking pole position this Autumn, Micro chargers from Flair race at lightening speed at the extraordinary scale of 1:175. With innovative micro technology, these tiny vehicles can race at scale speeds of over 600 mph…incredible! Charge them up in seconds, hit the tracks and get racing.


My 9 yr old was sent the jump rack set(£24.99) and he couldn’t wait to set it all up, we were a little disappointed to see that, although there were 2 micro cars, there was only 1 charger, so that made racing a little difficult unless I went out and bought an additional charger.

I’m always a little cross that batteries aren’t included in kids toys, the chargers require 2 aa size.

The track itself was quite tricky to put together and patience was wearing thin, but, we did it in the end.
Nice to see that additional tracks can be bought and that they all interconnect making one giant track.
All in all this is a good little racing set, and gets played with a lot.M


Mini memory review

My 6 year old daughter was very pleased to receive this new Memory card game from Ravensburger.

Mini memory is a set of 48 high quality memory picture cards, making 24 pairs. The game play can be adapted to suit different ages and abilities.

The memory cards are are made from high quality card and are laminated on both sides. Each card measures aprox 5x5cm and are aimed at boys and girls from 3-5 years.

Monsuno review

The lovely Sherri from PR Evolution sent us over a Monsuno set, consisting of a Strike Sector Combat set and a selection of cores, this new range of battle toys is aimed at boys from 6-10 years and is a lot like Pokemon crossed with bey blades in my opinion.
The core is a collectible capsule with a high performance spinning action and a powerful Monsuno Monster concealed within, on impact with another core, the monster springs in to attack and is ready for battle.
The strike sector combat set is a fast action battle with launch ramp for the spinning collectables and battling monsters.
My boys loved this set and have had many battles, I particularly like the fact that the combat set snaps apart and folds down for easy transport, a handy little bag is included, which I think is fab, also included are collector game cards.
Prices start at around £8.99 for a single core to £27.99 for a set of 4, the combat set is reasonably priced at £19.99 and is available from all good toy shops.


Wrigley’s 5 Flood

The boys were over the moon when I showed them what I had received through the post this morning, they really enjoy chewing gum so were very eager to try out the new Wrigley’s 5.

The flavour is called Flood and is  “A mouth-watering berry”, it’s also sugar-free.

So the verdict:

OH wasn’t impressed (surprise surprise, lol) He said it tasted of aniseed not berry’s and he would rather stick to the “proper flavours” meaning mint.

Master11 loved it, he could taste cherries

Master7 also loved it and he could taste lemonade!?!

I really like this gum, makes a pleasent change to the boring mint and i found the flavour lasted ages, it also smells really tempting in the packet, very mouth-watering. The only downside to this gum is the price, the RRP is £1.02 for 12 sticks.

 Disclaimer, I was sent this gum free to review.

My first review…..Relaxkids meditation CD

I was sent a Relax kids meditation CD to review

Enchanting meditations for children of all ages.

16 relaxing tracks.

Bedtime for my 10yr old and 7yr old was always a battle, they would always come downstairs every 10 mins, wanting one thing or another, they would still be awake gone half past 10 at night and then be really sleepy and naggy the next day.
After just one week listening to the CD, we dont have any of this, they get ready for bed and put the cd on, it has become part of their bedtime routine and they are often fast asleep before the cd has finished and they are well rested in the morning. 🙂
10yo said “it’s quite good and relaxing” and his favourite track is The rainbow
7yo said “it helps me to fall asleep better” and his favourite track is The cloud.
I also tried the cd out on my 4yo daughter but she wasnt interested, maybe too young?

I was sent the CD free to review .